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Clean Solar Power

ADK Solar Introduces Clean Power to the Adirondack Region. And now is the time to go Solar! New York's solar incentives & rebates are some of the best in the country! Installation of Solar has become a very attractive investment in New York.

What are New York state solar incentives?
There are three main incentive programs that make going solar a beautiful investment in New York:

    ~ NY-Sun PV Incentive Program — Incentives ranging up to $0.40 per watt for up to 25 kW, depending on date claimed and region.

    ~ Solar Energy System Equipment Credit — Tax credit equal to 25% of qualified solar panel system equipment costs, up to a maximum credit of $5,000.

    ~ New York City Residential Solar Sales Tax Exemption — A 100% local sales tax exemption for solar energy systems in select areas.

Clean Solar Power

Don't forget about the Federal Investment Tax Credit!
If you add on the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to New York's already generous solar incentives, the deal becomes even better. It reduces your federal tax liability by up to 30% of the net cost of your solar energy system. The ITC applies only if you purchase your solar energy system. If you do not have a large enough tax liability to claim your entire credit, it can be rolled over into the next year.

Give us a call today. You will be amazed in the savings! We offer FREE on-site solar assessments. Learn how solar energy works and why it's the path to take. Call 518-396-0991

Clean Solar Power

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Solar Panel Federal & State Incentives, Rebates & Tax Breaks.

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