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How Solar Power Works

Solar Panels Snap n Rack PV Module Ground mount or roof mounting hardware

Why Solar Works

Protect the Environment - Minimize your carbon footprint by replacing utility power with clean electricity

Save Money - Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill

Take Advantage of Current Incentive - Solar Candidates are able to receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit, 25% state credit and NYSERDA .40 cent per watt rebate.

Increase Your Property Value - Solar is the way of the future and appraisers are taking notice! Studies have shown solar equipped homes have a higher resale value and sell at a faster rate. Plus, as a renewable energy, solar is not a taxable increase in your property value

Independence - Residential electricity prices have increased 10% annually over the past ten years. No more living at the mercy of utility providers.

How it Works

Solar is simple! Solar panels convert sunlight to DC current. The inverter converts DC electricity to AC. The inverter produces more electricity than is needed per day by the household. In turn, the meter spins backwards during times of overproduction. Your utility provider records the overproduction and applies it as needed, eliminating your need for electricity on an annual basis.

Process Going Solar

Contact ADK Solar for a free site visit today. Our team will meet with you for a consultation and solar analysis. Once the analysis is completed, you will receive a financial proposal for review. Once you have reviewed and approved the proposal, ADK Solar will send your application off to NYSERDA. As soon as the project is approved, ADK Solar will immediately begin installing your system and will work directly with your utility provider to get your free net meter setup.

Give us a call today at 518-354-8446 for your FREE on-site solar assessments. Office hours to 8-5

Professional Installation. Licensed and Insured. Solar Panel Federal & State Incentives, Rebates & Tax Breaks.

Clean Solar Power

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